Design & Prototyping


Our fully integrated manufacturing software ensures a timely review of new package development designs, automatically notifying employees of new projects, and reminding them of upcoming deadlines. We track each package development project through every step, ensuring your satisfaction. Proper material selection and mold finishes are vital in making our customers’ products look the best they can.

Our response time is the best in the industry, typically requiring only a two to three-day turnaround time on initial design drawings and less than a week on most prototype samples.

Our Process

At Key Packaging, our top priorities are always quality and customer satisfaction. It is vital to us that we provide support to each and every customer at every step of the process. We can work off of a physical sample or a CAD drawing depending on where the client is in the design process when they come to us. Our prototype phase includes both drawing and prototype development. From there, we use Solidworks for design space. Once parts are approved the production tooling is constructed. After approval, production parts are run. The total time from start to finish is about 8 weeks.

All design and prototyping work is done on-site at our facility. All of our work is custom, tailored to each client’s specific and unique project needs. We offer small to large runs and everything in between with a 1,000-pound minimum buy for special order materials.
We offer REN (synthetic material) or aluminum for prototype molds. Aluminum is used for production quality molds.

Factors to Consider

A parts application greatly impacts its design. There are several factors to consider when tooling a part such as its industry application and the environment it will encounter. Some examples include retail, medical, automotive, transport tray, etc. It is also highly important to determine if the final package will be heat sealed (RF welded), film sealed, or encounter the following:

  • Food Contact
  • Temperature Extremes
  • Oil Contact
  • UV or Anti-Stat Needs

With over 40 years of experience, our design engineers work directly with our clients to help create product packaging design solutions that meet or exceed our customers’ expectations.